Wedding Cinemagraphs

The power of social media is now demanding better and bigger ideas from wedding photography and wedding cinemagraphs are the best of the time. These amazing images allow the beauty of a photograph with the interest of a video. When I first started making these wedding cinemagraphs I got the idea from Americas Next Top Model. I thought they were just amazing and the idea of turning these animated GIFs into wedding cinemagraphs was just too tempting. This was my first attempt in 2014.

It was to my surprise that I could not load Gifs onto facebook so I left the idea assuming not many couples would be too worried about them since they could not be shared online. Earlier this year I had a bride ask my about if I could do animated Gifs. I showed her the one above and once I realised that facebook was now allowing them to be uploaded I started introducing them into my weddings as a option for couples.